Starcraft II Tournament Results

Posted by Admin On January - 22 - 2011

Thanks for the excellent turnout of 45+ people, with 40 (14 low, 26 high bracket) players participating in the tournament. We even had 5 master league players present.

High Bracket (platinum and higher):
1st place: ($195) Neezi (Nick)
2nd place: ($65) MysticaL (Dragan)

Low Bracket (gold and lower):
1st place: ($95) Elite (Eddie)
2nd place: ($30) Mepper (Fernando)

Also non-tournament winners won prizes:
Thermaltake inflatable hammer, lanyard, Ruby Orb socket 775/am3 cpu cooler, Magic Fan (2*8cm LED case fans),
Linksys Wireless B router with 4 port 100mb switch,
SteelSeries ‘Kerrigan vs Zeratul’ and ‘Marine’ micepads,
J!nx Starcraft 2 T-shirt,
CPU Magazine issues.

We also downed 6 large pizzas (sold for $1 a slice), and 80 free timbits.

Please upload any replays / screenshots to
Replays from the finals, low bracket (Mepper vs Elite) and high bracket (MysticaL vs Neezi) can be downloaded here.

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